Saturday, April 19, 2008

Obama Blinks

Can’t face either Hillary or the Media in an uncontrolled environment. Can’t take unscripted questions about his long term associations with the bigot “Pastor” Jeremiah Wright, or terrorist buddy & fundraiser William “I didn’t set Enough Bombs” Ayers. And forbid that anyone starts to look into the Tony Rezko deal.

To one extent, he’s right – we’ve already had 20,000 and some debates were all of the democratic candidates sang out of the “George Bush is Evil” hymnal, with small interludes of his / her version of socialized medicine doesn’t adequately cover 12 year olds with hangnails.

Now that we’re getting to the serious stuff – stuff that reveals character – he doesn’t want to play anymore.

I’m no longer worried that Vladmir Putin, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong Il, Bashar Assad, Hugo Chavez, or Robert Mugabe will eat Obama for breakfast.

He’s not that substantial.

No, Barak’s more like that garnish of parsley on the side of the plate, casually tossed aside and trampled underfoot.