Thursday, April 03, 2008

Gore in Obama’s Cabinet?

Not very likely. Assuming that Obama wins, Gore’s not going to take a cabinet post.

1. It’s a demotion from his last government job. The only government job I can see Mr. Gore interested in is Secretary General of the U.N.. It has all of the conveniences of continuing his savior of the planet schtick, lots of free, high carbon footprint events in places like Bali, and very lucrative opportunities to improve cash flow.

2. He as way more clout outside the government than in, and he’s making too much money. I have the strong suspicion that he really doesn’t want to draw attention to how well the whole Prophet of Doom job pays.

3. Getting back into government will open up all sorts of enquiries into the sources of funding for his various impoverishment global warming initiatives. Conflict of interest cases alone will make a PR nightmare.

On the other hand, Mr. Gore would be more than happy to make a bunch of unofficial visits, pronouncements, speeches, etc., etc., etc. Anything that doesn’t involve a lot of close scrutiny or congressional confirmation, and fosters the notion that Obama must go to the mountain.

Come to think of it, Sen. Obama doesn’t want Gore in his cabinet either, but finds the talk useful in pandering to the greens as well as Mr. Gore. I don’t see him asking why the Clinton / Gore administration never submitted Kyoto to a vote. Though I guess having the Senate vote 95-0 to say “Don’t Bother” (in 1997 – with about 2 ½ years left on the clock of the Clinton Presidency) explains a lot.

No president likes being upstaged in his own cabinet by the self endorsed savior of the planet, especially if that President is busy fostering his own cult of personality.

As far as Tribunes of the Opressed Masses go, there can be only one.