Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Economics and Social Policy XLVII

Welcome to the April 8, 2008 edition of Economics and Social Policy. Only over a week late, and commentary-wise, well over a dollar short.

New rule: I don’t object to posts that are on topic, yet trying to sell your company’s services. However, I will not subject any readers clicking through to pop ups that won’t go away, or blatant spam blogs.

chad presents Fuzzy Logic in Support of Decision Analysis in Intelligence Warfare posted at Essays.

The world was never zeros and ones, and any statistician or economist would tell you. But many items are, in fact, zeroes and ones. The wise student will seek to understand ambiguity, and the ability to differentiate between cases. Thanks for the post, Chad. Though to pick at nits, the background on the graphic severely diminished the visual.

Christine presents Why Obama's War Plan is a Bust posted at Me, My Kid and Life: An American Single Mom Living in France.

Obama has a war plan? Other than abject surrender?? Who knew?

DWSUWF presents It's still the war, stupid. posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall,

DWSUWF re-examines his original support for the war, and his opposition today.

If it wasn’t for the war, and the issue of judges, I’d have a lot more sympathy for DWSUWF’s position – it’s pretty libertarian / conservative in many cases.

That said, the Iraq war seems to be a) the right decision at the time, and b) the right decision in hindsight.

What wasn’t right was the lack of planning for the insurgencies, including the home grown, the al-queda, and the Iranian sponsored flavors. In the endless run up to the war, the endless debates, etc., etc., there was lots of time for everyone to plan a post invasion strategy. And everyone, except the Pentagon and the Bush Administration, did.

Enoch Ko presents Understanding the subprime financial crisis: Lessons on value investing and personal finance posted at Enoch Ko's Blog.

Warning: Long post, but an interesting description of the sub prime issue. Key take away – read the fine print. Several times.

Matthew Paulson presents How SCORE Can Help Small Business Owners posted at American Entrepreneurship.

Jeffrey Stingerstein presents The US and Recessions posted at Disillusioned Words.

Interesting. However, I don’t think that there’s a case to be made the Roosevelt’s “new deal” pulled the country out of the depression.

Raymond presents Are Amateur Online Merchants Required To Pay Income Tax On Sales? And The Difference Between Legal Tax Avoidance and Illegal Tax Evasion posted at Money Blue Book.

Well, you have to pay income tax on income, not sales. And as far as taxes go, I had a tax prof in college (granted, this was shortly after the dark ages) who noted that you could be very aggressive with claiming deductions, but hiding income was a no-no. Aggressive deductions could be disallowed, and you would likely be hit with back taxes as well as a penalty. The IRS, on the other hand, viewed hiding income as straight up fraud.

And these are not people who are of the forgive and forget variety.

Wenchypoo presents Inflation—Here We Go Again and The Self-Help Guide to Living in a Free Society (Super L-O-N-G) posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket

Wenchypoo, a tightwad after our own heart, has a bunch of practical inflation measures. One to add: as long as the $1 bill is still in your wallet, things aren’t too bad. And as far as the second post goes, I don’t look for Wenchy to be heading up any major party ticket anytime soon.

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