Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Zombie Amendment

Is back. At least this time, casino proponents are being pretty straight forward. They’re not promising to fix Ohio schools, provide free healthcare, or a pony to everyone n the state.

The math is simple, build one casino designed to line the pockets of Rick Letzman and his partners, plus a set aside of 10% of the gross for Clinton County, and 17% for the other counties.

30% of Gross Revenue channeled directly into buying political support. Combined with the costs of building the place using union scale labor and the size of the proposal, the anticipated profit margins are likely high enough to make a Payday Loan operator envious.

Maybe if this goes through, I’ll open a payday loan business next door. As long as we going to fleece the poor, why not get in on the action? These are obviously complementary businesses. The payday loan operator provides funds for the suckers customers on the way in, and probably on the way out as well.