Thursday, March 13, 2008

Summit County’s New Animal Shelter

Update: Reader Belinda points out that this is Twinsburg Township, not the City of Twinsburg. These are two different things. My apologies to the City – this is certainly not a case where they want to be confused with the township.

Or is it? A cool million for a facility on Opportunity Parkway. Given the amount of empty space in the Akron area, it may be a bit on the pricey side.

Or perhaps they could just negotiate with the Port Authority to rent space – now that the county has to evict Twinsburg’s City Government.

Since the County already has an ownership stake here, this might be a better move than shelling out an additional million for new property. Granted, the almost $40,000 monthly rent that Twinsburg had agreed to – and is now trying to weasel out of – may be a bit steep for the animal shelter, but it may be better than leaving the building sit empty, while the county buys another property.

From the county’s perspective, there’s not much to do except try and get the best out of a bad hand.

Twinsburg’s attempt to weasel out of this deal has lots of unpleasant implications for other townships attempting to get financing help.

The idea that you can go into a venture with a county agency, get them to fund $5 million in renovations in return for a 20 year lease and then walk after two years isn’t going to play well with county or state development agencies. Borrowing is going to become more costly, and the townships are probably going to have to come up with some sort of security to reduce risk to the other agencies or private businesses involved.

So now Summit is likely stuck trying to make the best out of a bad deal. Can’t imagine that much future county development effort is going to be headed Twinsburg’s way.