Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Small Party, Small Potatoes

Mike Gravel jumps ship from the Democratic Party to the Libertarians. Interestingly enough, he’d already endorsed Jesse Johnson, the Green Party candidate for President.

The Greens are about as far from the Libertarians as you can get, so I’m not sure that Gravel is such a good fit for the Libertarians. After all, the Libertarians are supposed to be free market types who believe in owning property and doing stuff with it. This isn’t exactly the philosophy of the Greens.

Apparently, Mr. Gravel is still looking for someone to run him for President in November, and the Libertarians are in sorry enough shape to even consider it.

"Davis [Libertarian Party National Media Coordinator Andrew Davis] said 15 candidates are on the slate for the Libertarian Party nomination, which will be determined at the May 22-26 national convention in Denver, Colo. He said Gravel isn’t “a perfect libertarian” but he supports essentials of the party — opposing a military draft, empowering the American voter and standing against ‘the war of American imperialism.’”

Well, they’ll be successful on the draft front – since we a) do not have a draft, and b) the only people even faintly making noises about bringing the draft back are the far left progressives.

To be fair to Gravel and the Libertarians, a quick skim of his issues page has a lot of stuff that fits the libertarian mold – ending the war on drugs, open borders, abortion support, etc. etc. On the other hand, the environmental issues and socialization of medicine will grow the government’s control over our lives vastly more than the War on Terrorism or the Patriot Act ever did. Oh, and he’s against free trade also.

It’s interesting that the Libertarians – who insist on ideological purity from Republicans, appear to even be considering a retread like Gravel.

* Sigh * All of this is painful. Some of my best friends are libertarians. Or, more accurately, if I had any friends, some of them could be libertarians.