Friday, March 28, 2008

The Not So Wright Stuff

It’s clear that Sen. Obama is getting closer to throwing Jeremiah Wright under the bus, or at least he hopes that we’ll think that he did, since Rev. Wright isn’t going to lay low for the next 7 months. Though he did cancel some appearances in Texas.

It’s probably a little late to start saying that you might have left the church over Wright’s comments. There’s still the question of why you stayed for so long, and why you exposed your children to this venom.

It’s quite likely that this isn’t going to just go away – there’s too much historical material, and the likelihood of more fresh stuff popping up.

It also puts the spotlight on the current pastor, Otis Moss. Obama must be hoping that Rev. Moss doesn’t say anything more controversial than “Jesus Loves You” until after the election in November.

As Protein Wisdom notes, when has Wright ever acknowledged that any of this stuff might constitute ‘inappropriate’ comments?

Update: Just One Minute as a pretty comprehensive roundup. There's a whole lotta parsin' goin' on... Best line from Don Surber: “When it came time to leave the church, Obama voted present.”