Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Lent, the Season of

MSM faith bashing. In the recent past, we’ve been treated to such dubvious delights as ‘The Gospel of Judas’, and an endless procession of celebrations of various Gnostic heresies.

This year’s edition: Moses on drugs! Given Mr. Shanon’s admitted experiences with mind altering substances, you almost wonder if he doesn’t hold the “Cheech & Chong” chair of impaired cognitive studies.

I can see the first draft of his paper now…..

“and then, like dude, he saw the whole burning bush thing, man, and was like super freaked out, dude. It was like a giant reefer… Later he and all the Isrealites got the muchies real bad, and like then like the heavens opened, and like brownies fell from the sky man.

It was totally cool man. It was like the cloud of smoke from their crack pipes could be seen for miles man, and they just kinda followed it around for 40 years dooin’ luudes and getting