Saturday, March 01, 2008

Film Photography

Following a link on Instapundit. It’s not dead yet. Submitted for your approval: The following was taken on a 24 year old Pentax ME Super, using Kodak 400 speed ‘Ultramax’ 35 MM film, and a JC Penny (!) 80-200 zoom lens.

The Pentax was never more than a serviceable mid grade consumer 35mm camera. I picked up the lens as part of a set of 3, plus another ME Super body on Ebay for a song, mostly to support Boring Daughter #3’s photographic ambition. Old Pentax bodies are cheap – sometimes, you have to take them in order to get the lens you want.

I had the roll developed at Sam’s Club, giving me 5x7 prints, negatives, and a high resolution CD for a little over $10. It’s not the instant gratification of digital, but it’s remarkably cost effective compared to an equivalent quality digital SLR.

If you’re a serious photography nut, you can get a Nikon F5 body on Ebay for about $400 - $500. Possibly the best film camera made for a little less than the price of an entry level digital SLR.

Unfortunately, given the stampede to digital, eventually we’ll all be there, or be putting darkrooms in the basement.

The photo is a sunset over Canadian Hole on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Mrs. Boring and I were there last October for our 25th anniversary.