Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Eliot Spitzer and the Value Over Replacement Prostitute (VORP)

The story keeps getting better, but not from Eliot’s point of view. Not only does this involve a high priced prostitution ring, the likes of which Mr. Spitzer liked to prosecute, but money laundering as well.

Since the money transfers are what tipped off the Feds, on suspects that this was more than a one time deal, and it turns out that the Crusading Crime Fighter burned through about $80,000 grand on hookers at the “Emperor’s Club”. It will be interesting to see if any of the NY taxpayer’s money went to these ‘fact finding’ trips, or if there Mr. Spitzer has frequent flier miles at more “Clubs”.

Still $80,000 is pretty impressive, and if the latest tab of $4,300 is representative (it may include such items as shipping, handling, and inventory holding charges for her trip from NY to Washington, as well as dealer prep and rustproofing, but not taxes, which may an additional set of problems), we’re looking at 20 or so incidents.

How much better does a $4,000 hooker have to be over a $1,000 hooker? Or, for that Matter, a $500 hooker? What’s the value over replacement prostitute (VORP) for a $4,000 girl compared to the average price call girl?

Based on Mr. Spitzer’s extensive research and large sample size, he seems like someone ideally suited to the life of a social science researcher into the sex trades. Or is Mr. Spitzer the George Steinbrenner of the John world, just buying up high priced talent with no thought to future performance?

These are the questions to which the Country Demands Answers!. Actually, they’re not, and the probably shouldn’t even be asked, but no doubt there’s a VH1 special in the works to explain it all anyway.