Thursday, March 20, 2008

Economics and Social Policy XLVI

Welcome to the March 20, 2008 edition of Economics and Social Policy. If nothing else, at least I'm consistently late!

It’s certainly true that Everything Old is New Again--Especially in Politics. Oh Denny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling. And so are the earmarks and double dealing. As is Cowboy diplomacy on trade, as well as wonder What is a recession? Better Think Before You Vote.

Worried about healthcare? Time Management? Trying to overcome the Universal Health Care Blues? Well, you better focus on Making connections, or boning up on Diet Tips for Preventing High Cholesterol Levels. Given that completing the socialization of medicine in this country will inevitably lead to less care, soon we’ll be reduced to having to remove our own tonsils and performing bypass surgery on our neighbors. Vitamin “C” – political connections will prove to be an invaluable work around. Or you could fall back on the old American standby, lawsuits: Living In A Litigious American Society Obsessed With Filing Lawsuits.

Or perhaps it’s cash flow that’s got you down – better get a grip on Wants vs Needs Or you could Start Your Own Fundraising Business, but I don’t recommend the “will work for food” model, though there’s plenty of trained people in the field, so it would be easy move to Offshore outsourcing services. There’s a lot of competition in that market, so you could always Purchase an Existing Business Or carrying coals to Newcastle, err, selling coal to China. You could try to Make Money for Charity by Debating Fundamentalists, but watch your step. Most fundamentalists aren’t as dumb as you’ve been lead to believe. Though some of us can’t spell. Straighten up the household finances by Paying Off Your Mortgage. Of course, if you do, Uncle Sam will take you to the cleaners. And it takes a lot of time to figure out all of the options – Ask yourself How much is my time worth?

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