Monday, March 03, 2008

Austan Goolsbee, International Economist of Mystery

What did he say, and when did he say it? The saga continues. For a meeting that supposedly never took place, documentation has now turned up.

Goolsbee takes the Ron Ziegler modified limited hangout option, and claims to be misquoted. Which is about the only option he had left.

What’s bad for Prof. Goolsbee is that his supposedly misquoted comments were just about what you would expect any reasonable adult to say about Obama’s protectionism – that it was just empty words….

Update (04 March 08): Byron York summarizes the Goolsbee affair and the Obama campaign’s dissembling:

“Obama appears to be in a difficult position. At first, his campaign denied that there was any contact with the Canadian government. Then, when it was forced to concede that there had been contact, it insisted that it had nothing to do with softening Obama’s position on NAFTA. And then, when the newly-released memo suggested that it had been about just that, Team Obama simply stuck with its story.”