Saturday, February 16, 2008

Teaching Climate Change

Is on the way to becoming mandatory in California, courtesy of one Joe Simitian (D*). A de jure recognition of the de facto reality. Climate change is already brought into just about everything in school already, so how could this venture into mandatory Lysenkoism be any worse?

Boring Daughter #3 was recently required to write a paper on the impact of Jay Gatsby’s parties on global warming, . O.K., so I made that one up, but given the politicized state of the government schools, it’s far from implausible.

Setting aside the obvious political indoctrination as a substitute for science, the real problem here is that including mandatory teaching of climate change will take time away from what science education the students actually need – biology, chemistry, and physics. Unfortunately, we’ve already given up on teaching the math necessary for most kids to handle these topics, let alone something as complicated and poorly understood as climate science.

Overall, given the stupidity of most of the legislature, and California Democrats in particular, it’s probably time to short Al Gore and go long on Ice Age futures.

* Does “D” stand for “Dimwit”? Apparently in this case….