Monday, February 18, 2008

Starvation as State Policy

As practiced in Venezuela. Given Venezuela’s oil reserves, and crude at close to $100 a barrel, you wouldn’t think that food production or importation would be much of an issue.

But you would be wrong. Socialism possesses a unique magic that can take any country and reduce it to poverty and misery in short order.

Socialist dictators everywhere require domestic enemies. And there’s no riper target than food distributors, and medium to large scale farmers. Via the magic of price controls, you can simultaneously claim to be helping the poor, demonize the farmers and producers, while creating shortages that can be used to start a fresh cycle of appropriations, seizures, and jail time for political opponents.

As a plus, you can then give the farms to your friends, family, and supporters.

Unsolicited, yet obvious advice to Mr. Mendoza. Get out. Yesterday isn’t soon enough.