Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Rowan Williams Beat Down Continues

From the American Spectator:

“Dr. Williams would not tolerate most forms of bigotry, yet he tolerates the religious bigotry and authoritarianism of sharia. Why? It is because he is, as were his antecedents who appeased Hitler, a coward.”

“The bien pensant of Dr. Williams's variety have lived in a self-contained society for the morally superior for several generations. They do not like their fellow countrymen who are not a part of that society. In a word, they do not like conservatives and others who, like conservatives, resist threats to Britain.”

I suppose Dr. Williams thinks that he is courageously “speaking truth to power”, or some such rot. The reality is that if he had been speaking “truth to power”, he’d be hiding out from death threats like Danish cartoonists or Salman Rushdie.

But as long as he gets to live a comfy life at the taxpayer's expense, as official sycophant, it’s all good, right?