Friday, February 01, 2008

“No Fun League” Strikes Again

You have to hand it to the National Football League – not everybody can generate this kind of negative publicity for themselves.

The NFL is back to preventing churches from hosting Superbowl parties. Yup, its time to convert a bunch of churchgoers and youth groups into hardend copyright criminals. If this isn’t stopped now, next thing you know, people will be fast forwarding through the commercials!

It’s a testimony to their product that they can overcome the short sightedness of their Legal & Marketing Departments.

It’s certainly a bone headed play, one that alienates a segment of the fan base, and doesn’t do much to build up the regular season viewership either.

We’ll probably wind up with some Congressional hearings on the topic. Not that this should be any of Congress’ business, but there’s certainly some entertainment value to be had. An important side benefit is that hearings would take up Congress’ time, and keep them from doing any serious mischief, at least while they’re busy preening for the cameras.

Update: Senator Arlen Specter is on the case, or will be, just as soon as he finishes “tapegate”. This is even sillier than the copyright issue.