Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mr. Rouge Staffer

Update: New defacto blog title –“The Boring Made Illiterate”, or perhaps “The Boring made Stupid”, or perhaps “Boring is as Stupid Does.

This was just wrong on so many levels:

1. Granted, I’m an abysmal speller, but I do know the difference between ‘rouge’ and ‘rogue’. It’s one of those things that spell checker can’t catch; after all, I did spell it correctly.

2. It did look suspicious, but I was too lazy to do a simple dictionary.com search, which would have taken all of 3 seconds, and saved me untold embarrassment. Or for that matter, look over the quotes below carefully. Key take away: if something looks suspicious, it probably warrants double checking. Wash, rinse, repeat.

3. This is the kind of mistake that would have gotten me a swift clip on the side of the head from my sixth grade English teacher.

4. The concept of the post only falls into the ‘mildly amusing’ category, and the entire piece hangs on getting the #$%&^*^%@#!!! word correct.

5. Perhaps the unkindest cut of all – had I the sense to pick up on this, I could have worked in an excellent tie to the Mr. Rouge Candidate, Rudy Giuliani. That really hurts.

On the plus side – if this is the dumbest thing I ever commit to print, I’ll consider myself fortunate.

Thanks to Pho for catching this; he wins today’s “Master of the Obvious” title. It’s clear that I won’t be needing any rouge for my cheeks anytime soon…..


Sure gets around. He’s been potentially fingered as the man behind t hose Obama photos on Drudge:

“Senior Clinton staffers said they didn't provide the picture to Drudge - but didn't rule out the possibility one of the campaign's 700 workers might have been behind the leak.”
Before that, it was filling out pro gun control surveys for Obama:

“’Obama never saw the '96 IVI-IPO state Senate questionnaire -- it was filled out by a staffer who unintentionally mischaracterized his views on a number of issues,’ said Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt.”

Of course, he had to change his name from Rouge Agent to get away from his sordid past with the IRS (1988):

“Internal Revenue Service management covered up corrupt audits of major companies in New York and Los Angeles and protected a rogue agent who tried to frame former Senator Howard H. Baker Jr. on bogus tax evasion charges nine years ago, the Senate Finance Committee was told today.”

Lately, he’s been moonlighting as Rouge Trader:

“the rogue trader who plunged Société Générale into crisis when he lost €4.9 billion (£3.7 billion), went undetected because controllers failed to follow up repeated alerts about his behaviour, according to a report published last night.”

And he’s wanted by the police in Sussex for fraudulent sales of tarmac.

Never, ever, by tarmac from a rouge trader.

This is one busy guy.