Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More on Wikileaks.

Overall, a nice summary. Assuming that Wikileaks can get the order lifted – without bankrupting themselves – this is the kind of publicity that you just can’t buy.

It’s still unclear whether the entire site is still in limbo, or if the order has been changed to the temporary restraining order noted yesterday.

As the article notes, this may not be a classic case of prior restraint, but it’s pretty close.

Without knowing any of the specifics of what was published, it’s hard to say if JB had a libel / fraud action available against Wikileaks that would warrant having the offending documents removed. I suppose that will be litigated eventually, and if there’s fraud or libel involved, that would warrant the removal of the documents.

But shutting down the entire site and attempting to send it to the memory hole? Seems a trifle on the overkill side.