Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fellow SOB’er Maggie Thurber

Continues to take Toledo’s buffoonish mayor Carty Finkbiner (D) to task over his treatment of the Marines.

As you may recall, Mayor Finkbiner beclowned himself by waiting until the marine unit had taken a 4 hour bus trip to Toledo to do some urban warfare training. It was a stupid, wasteful, and arrogant decision, driven largely by the need for the mayor to prove that he’s the Man in Toledo.

Since the Marines had trained in Toldedo before, and worked out the details with the police well in advance, the Mayor Finkbiner’s capriciousness certainly makes Toledo look stupid.

The sheer arbitrariness of the decision, combined with the mayor’s haughty attitude doesn’t help matters. Not to mention the fact that his grandstanding has cost the taxpayers $10,000.

Government by mayoral whim isn’t particularly good for business – why invest in Toledo if the mayor feels that he can do whatever he wants for 15 minutes of fame on Huffington Post?

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