Monday, February 18, 2008

Conspiracy or Stupidity?

You be the judge. In a nutshell, the Department of Commerce is shutting down Economic due to “budget constraints”.

Economic Indicators is a one stop shop for finding links to US government economic reports and data. It’s an inconvenience, and it can’t possibly cost the government much more than it currently spends on congressional junkets to Cancun, but it’s hardly a vast conspiracy to keep the American People in the dark about the state of the economy.

Especially since the vast majority of Americans never knew of the site’s existence, or would have either the ability or inclination to wade through detailed government reports, closing the site hardly represents the iron boot of BushMcChimpyHitler censorship.

But both the columnist and the commenters seem to feel otherwise.

For some people, having to bookmark some websites themselves instead of having the government do it for them is out and out repression, and prevents them from speaking truth to power or whatever the whine du jour is.