Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Castro Hangs it Up

After spending 50 years of hanging Cubans who didn’t agree with him.

Gee, now that he’s “retiring”, and chance Spain will indict him for crimes against humanity? Didn’t think so.

However, this is likely just a sham, with Fidel clinging to power behind the scenes for as long as possible. The Washington Post has some interesting points, but I’m not sure that anyone should be surprised that a regime as repressive as Castro’s lasted this long. If it’s one thing that communist goverments are really, really good at, it’s repression. Throw in the mix a poor island nation, a major foreign sponsor and things get even easier.

As with all absolute monarchies, the transition is the tricky part.

Since it’s unlikely that any of the current regime will start channeling the spirit of Friedrich Hayek, I wouldn’t be betting the farm on meaningful liberty in Cuba anytime soon.