Sunday, February 03, 2008

Betty Sutton Won’t be Losing Any Sleep

Worrying about her re-election to Congress. The Republicans have unveiled their primary challengers:

David Potter, a medical device salesman. From the brief Beacon blurb, he sounds to be the most reasonable of the three, in that he actually thinks that looking for more oil would be a good idea. Downside: proposal for yet another bi-partisan commission on Social Security.

Everybody knows what’s wrong with Social Security – the demographics of the future amount to too much promised in benefits, too few workers to pay the taxes. And Medicare is, by all accounts, in worse shape.

Given that Congress has an absolute fear of allowing Americans to actually save and invest their own money, all we’re likely to wind up with is some combination of higher taxes (including raising the maximum) and benefit reductions (probably by raising retirement ages).

But at least Mr. Potter recognizes it as an issue.

Frank Chestney: Owns an Arthur Treacher restaurant in Parma Heights. Not much info on him from the Beacon; he’s either channeling Dennis Kucinich or Ron Paul, not sure which.

And it certainly says something that you can’t tell which is which, doesn’t it?

Francis Kalapodis: Franklin Township Trustee, and former principal in the Akron Public School system.

She is, however, associated with the biggest laugh line of the piece:

“As a 33-year educator, Kalapodis thinks for-profit charter schools shouldn't be
permitted, especially those that aren't performing well or being held accountable, like public schools.

‘If they go down year after year, they should not be allowed to stay in business,’ she said.”
Whether you like charter schools or not, if they were being held to the same standards as pubic schools, they would still be there, year after ineffective year, sucking in more and more tax dollars for continuously deteriorating education.

If we started to close ineffective public schools, most of APS and probably 90% of Cleveland’s schools would be shuttered.

As a final note, neither Kalapodis or Chestney is accepting donations. Somehow, I don’t see fending off lobbyists with bags of cash is a problem likely to arise for either.