Friday, February 08, 2008

The Archbishop “Clarifies” His Position

Such as it is. But I’m not sure that he’s improved things much. Which is probably why he’s called for the criminalization of free speech for folks like me. You know, folks who have the temerity to criticize their betters. Or for that matter, his own Bishops. After all, if a Bishop says something that so offends people he gets death threats, that must have been pretty thoughtless and cruel, eh? Off to chokey with him!

I did skim the text of his remarks. It’s clear that His Grace has spent some time on research, and put together a well meaning, but completely clueless paper.

The core shortcoming is this: His Grace imagines that sharia will be administered by people just like him – concerned, tolerant to a fault, deeply caring, paralyzed by the fear of giving offence, and holding no strong convictions other than that of their own self importance.

In short, he imagines that sharia is going to boil down to having tea and shrimps with the Islamic equivalent of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and hashing things out.

Well, Righty-ho then.

However, there’s no one that meets this description in the crowd that’s pushing sharia in Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Packistan, Iran, etc., etc. These folks are only looking up footnotes on the proper size of the rocks to be used in stoning apostates.

All told, I think that His Grace is a prime candidate for extended treatment by Sir Roderick Glossop.