Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sometimes, Even the ACLU has a Good Idea

Like opposing the School District's proposal to microchip your kids.

Well, technically, only their bookbags, and technically, only to see if they got on the bus. After all, people microchip their dogs, right? So what's the problem with doing the kids?

Do you really think that the school district is capable of protecting this kind of sensitive information?

Me neither.

Corporations and governments with big security budgets and lots of on hand geeks leak data. A school district who's probably relying on the security of a password like “1234”?

Perhaps even more disturbing is the following bit:

“Ed Collins, the district's facilities manager, said that would not be possible. Collins and Rapp said the RFID tag would only contain an ID number, not a name, address or other personal information. Only the school administration would be able to match the ID number with the child, Rapp said.

Collins is the brother of Chris Collins, who founded MAP Information Technology last year. The district did not need clearance from the state ethics commission to set up the testing, however, because the program is free during the pilot, Kraeger said.”

The article also notes that the Middletown School District is MAP Information Technology's only customer.

For whatever reason – just call me an old fashioned capitalist in the Adam Smith mode – this strikes me as a bit too incestuous a relationship. “Ethics” commission or no “ethics” commission.

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