Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Siren Song of Middle East Peace

Has a unique effect on lame duck Presidents. Take the latest bit from President Bush. The Palestinians either can’t, or won’t dismantle their terror network. It’s just a question of which terror network is in charge for the moment. For years, Fatah* milked the country dry while running the war. Now Hamas is making life more difficult, esp., given the amount of money and arms that Iran, Syria, and others are poring into Hamas. And for that matter, let’s not forget Hizbollah in Lebanon.

There’s nothing to negotiate here. Negotiations are based on the assumption that both sides behave in at least a semi-rational manner, have some common interests, and are willing to live up to the bargain. These conditions do not seem to apply to this situation.

* And how, exactly, did Yasir Arafat amass a kazillion dollar fortune? Hint: It wasn’t from selling Mary Kay.

More on this from Powerline. And from NRO, a summary of the President’s welcome from our Palestinian “Partners for Peace”.