Friday, January 25, 2008

A Pointless Exercise

So much for The Point, at least for the time being. One would think that after the Plain Dealers’s train wreck with “Wide Open” that someone would have done some planning. It’s not good that the Beacon a) didn’t set some clear boundaries and b) having listed extensive disclaimers, stand up when Mr. Arshinkoff started his whining.

At some point, if the MSM is going to engage bloggers, it needs to understand that it’s primarily engaging op-ed writers.

In this case, Ben Keeler is running for the Summit County Republican Central Committee, primarily to give the boot to Alex Arshinkoff. Mr. Keeler hasn’t exactly kept this a secret. I can certainly understand limiting Ben from posting promotional campaign pieces on, but not much more than that. After all, this will be over with the primaries in March, and then sometime in May we’ll find out if Alex is voted off the island. As far as the personal promotion notion goes, I don't think that Ben will be crusin' in a new Benz based on the pay for Central Committee members.

Further, the disclaimers on the site were pretty clear about the Beacon’s not endorsing either Ben or Kyle’s point of view.

As I noted when Ben first announced that he was running against Mr. Arshinkoff that he could expect to find a horse’s head in his bead. Arshinkoff getting him booted from The Point is simply a down payment.