Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Paul Bearers Attempt to Shoot the Messenger.

But miss. In response, David Bernstein (Volokh) horsewhips Dr. DiLorenzo on the steps of his club. It's unfortunate that Prof. DiLorenzo has to resort to poisoning the well in an attempt to get Ron Paul off the hook.

It's really a grim show that a significant chunk of the libertarians seem to be wedded to defending what can only be described as racism.

And it's not so good that one of the few libertarians to catch any kind of interest in a presidential campaign is either a racist, or too lazy to even scan over what's been published in his name over the course of many years. .

Here's the New Republic piece at the center of the revelation of Ron Paul's beclowning.

Ed Morrisey provides additional Ron Paul Smack Down.