Monday, January 28, 2008

Is Dennis Menaced

By “Corporate Interests”? Well, only in the alternative universe inhabited by Dennis.

The reality is that “corporate interests” don’t much care about Dennis either way, because only Dennis, the Code Pink crowd, and some Roswell fanatics pay any attention to Dennis. He’s the essence of a nut ensconced in a safe seat.

Even if you buy the notion that evil corporate interests are opposed to Dennis - and I don’t, particularly – after all, one of the side benefits of government control of everything is that it leads to government suppression of competition for those corporate interests – one could easily see that “corporate interests” would be more threatened by a Congressman who was, you know, effective.

Unlike Dennis.

While Dennis does generate a fair amount of entertainment value, sooner or later the Democratic Party is going to come to the conclusion that they would be better served by someone who wasn’t a national joke.