Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Cap'n Ed Morrisey

Delivers some disturbing news. And not just about Ron Paul, though it's certainly not good for the Libertarians to have their standard bearer tagged as a racist by words published under his own name.

And it's not materially better if the pieces were ghost written.

Did Abe Lincoln and the Civil War expand the powers of the state beyond those considered by the framers of the Constitution? Well, yah. That doesn't mean that Lincoln was wrong. It's a sad tale that the supposed defenders of liberty seem to feel compelled to defend slavery as a legitimate institution. It would certainly seem that elimination of slavery is a legitimate use of state power from even the most diluted libertarian principles.

Perhaps, if the libertarians want to grip about expansion of the State, they could more properly spend their time complaining about Wilson or FDR, both of whom were far more damaging to libertarian principle than Lincoln.

Potentially more disturbing to the economist is the hijacking of Ludwig von Mises. I'm not acquainted with the “Ludwig von Mises Institute”, but as someone who attended Grove City College at the height of the Austrian School influence, I'm not happy that LvM's name has been apparently hijacked in this manner. I've got about two feat of LvM books on the shelf in my den, including most of the classics. You are not going to find many passages endorsing chattel slavery in LvM's writings.

Guess that I'll have to waste some time on the 'Institutes' website. It will be just like Buckley taking on the Birchers, or would be, if I had a tithe of Buckley's ability.