Thursday, January 10, 2008

Campaign Update

Bill Richardson out. Was he ever really in? Where will his supporter go?

Senator Kerry endorses Senator Obama. Given the Sen. Kerry’s political instincts and achievements, that’s probably good news for Senator Clinton.

Even better news for Senator Clinton: John Edwards vows to stay in the race. This is a guy who’s been running for President since 2004. His only claim to fame is an ability to split the anti-Clinton vote. Still, if he can’t win South Carolina, he’s cooked.

Memo to Edwards: time to start thinking about life after politics. After two failed tries to get the Democratic nomination, I don’t think that shot #3 will work in 2012 or 2016. And given your sterling performance with Sen. Kerry in 2004, I wouldn’t be checking the mail daily for any VP offers.

You can always go back to anti-poverty speechifying - you were making pretty good bucks there.