Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Beacon Takes Another Shot at the Blog Thing

HT: Pho, who actually uses his RSS reader, compared to some of us who went to time and trouble to set one up, and then never bothered to use it. Which is kind of stupid – RSS is really a blogger performance enhancing drug.

Back to the Beacon’s new feature, Blogwatch. The premise is pretty simple – find and discuss the best post of the day on Ohio politics. Could be like a daily version of the Carnival of Ohio Politics.

Some minor suggestions – 1) relax the best post “of the day” requirement, and supplement with posts that may have been on the shelf for a couple of days. This would do two things: provide a more constant stream of material, and allow inclusion of good material that wasn’t the best of the day on that particular day. 2) add a blogroll for the blogs that individual posts link to. If someone has generated something worth the link and comment, they probably have other good stuff as well.

Guess that we’ll see if this works better than some recent MSM blog experiments.

Update (23 January 2008): The Beacon takes the next step by unveiling “politics.ohio.com”, featuring Kyle Kutuchief (The Chief Source) and Ben Keeler (The Keeler Report).

Congrats to Kyle and Ben on this new gig. I think they can be counted on to raise the level of discourse, to, err, discourse. And congrats to the Beacon for continuing to move forward in engaging the bloggers.