Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sensible Move by Gov. Strickland

To throw back this regulation and find someone else to head the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. 12 weeks of unpaid leave is a long time, and for a small business could be a considerable hardship (“small” being defined as between 5 – 49 employees).

If you currently have 4 employees in your business, the potential costs of that 5th employee would be pretty significant under this rule. It’s just one more barrier to growth that keeps small businesses, well, small. Also, for the small business owner, it creates an incentive to quietly discriminate against women likely to have children.

A related, but more general point, from Radley Balko at Reason:

“Local officials who simultaneously decry big box stores and national chains while doling out burdensome regulatory structures and complicated permit processes should understand that regulatory burdens hit the smaller, independent places hardest, because they're the places that have the smallest amount of discretionary cash to hire legal aid (or, if you're really cynical, to make the appropriate campaign contributions).”