Saturday, August 11, 2007

Global Warming –

Based on poor data measurement and adjustments?

Could be. The fact that there isn’t full disclosure on the data gathering and adjustment methodology should be a cause for concern to everyone.

One would hate to think that the Church of Global Warming stands ready to cripple the economy based on poor analytical work. Otherwise, you’d think that this was all about diverting political power to their friends.

Update (14 August 2007): a summary article here. Now, I’m perfectly willing to concede that the changes may not be too significant. Temperature change analysis should most likely be done by real statisticians – I suspect that a background in data analysis is more likely to produce good work in this area than a background in climatology – the process of providing an independent analysis, with an understanding of how the data was collected, etc. seems more a process of applied statistics than anything else.

That said, one wonders why the entire analysis process isn’t in the public domain. For something that many are using to attempt to radically re-order society, it would seem that the analytical process would need to be completely transparent.

Otherwise, one can only wonder how much of the pressure to reduce the world to poverty in order to save it is driven by inaccurate data.