Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Which Blair Project

Timothy Garton Ash has an interesting piece in The Guardian.

I would tend to agree that the intervention in Kosovo was probably a highlight. In addition, Blair’s recognition of the Islamofascist threat and his willingness to attempt to help do something about it spoke well of his foreign policy instincts.

To answer Ash’s question, by almost any objective measure, America under BushMcChimpyHilter has been a better place to live than Britain, France, or Germany.

Part of Blair’s legacy is tossing away the legacy of Thatcher, in order to tie Britain into the no growth, statist swamp of the soft totalitarianism that is the EU. While willing to challenge Islamofascism abroad, he was unwilling to confront it at home.

Where Margaret Thatcher once relied on the fear of the Royal Navy to quarantine the Falklands before the fleet could arrive, today the Senior Service is viewed as “Mr. Bean” by the enemies of civilization.

The critical lesson – soft power is no power at all without hard power – appears to be lost on Europe.

Given the use of surveillance cameras, the historic rights of Englishmen to be free in their own country are diminished.

In the final analysis, Mr. Blair’s tenure will be perfectly summed up by Ann Lebovitz’ portrait of the Queen – wistfully staring out into an overcast sky, reflecting the glory of the past, but with scant hope for the future.

So, which Blair do you want? The “liberal interventionist” Blair who understands the threat of Islamofascism, or the Blair who so distrusts his own people that he thinks that most of the important decisions for Britain should be made by bureaucrats in Brussels?