Saturday, May 12, 2007

Missing All the Fun

As my reader knows, I don’t often post much on Friday or Saturday. I also don’t surf much.

Consequently, I missed all of the fun between RAB, Pho, and Progress Ohio. I mean, we all agree that censorship is bad, but I don’t see Progress Ohio granting a forum to the KKK anytime soon.

Let’s toss aside the fact that associating with the “truthers” is to largely expose yourself as “fire doesn’t melt steel” stupid.

Go to the issue at hand: the belief that the Bush Administration orchestrated 9/11.

To believe this, you have to hold a number of contradictory thoughts, on the order of matter / anti-matter in you head as simultaneously true.

Let’see – the administration, having nothing better to do, allows the Osama and some terrorists to knock down both towers. And blows up another.

But there are no leaks. From an administration that couldn’t manage to keep data mining or intel on currency transactions out of the NY Times. If you are going to allow 3,000 Americans to be killed, what’s the problem with bumping off a couple of NYT reporters?

For that matter, why wasn’t Joe Wilson’s body found floating in the East River? Or at least next to Jimmy Hoffa?

If the Administration was capable of covering up their knowledge of 9/11, why couldn’t they bother to plant WMDs in Iraq?

Think about this – if the US National Security apparatus was this capable, we would not be in Iraq right now (Iran, maybe). John Kerry would never have gotten the Democratic nomination in the last Presidential election (no need for a war “hero”).

The Democrats would have run an even weaker candidate – John Edwards, Howard Dean, Dick Gephardt, etc. and gotten Beer-Can-On-The-Highway-Crushed.

Even if you want to believe that this was all ginned up for political reasons, you can’t explain the land invasion or subsequent “nation building” in Iraq. It would have been much simpler and less risky to bomb them to bits, a la Kosovo. No boys on the ground, and minimal risk of casualties. “Rubble don’t make trouble”.

I don’t think that the Bush Administration’s record plausibly supports the evil-genius-we-were-behind-it-all meme. These were the folks who couldn’t fire a dozen or so of at-will US Attorneys without a scandal.

By comparison to the “truthers”, the John Birchers and the folks believing that the Knights Templar are running the world are comparatively sane. I guess they were right – water fluoridation is is a communist plot.