Monday, May 07, 2007

Economics and Social Policy – XXXV

Welcome to the May 7, 2007 edition of Economics and Social Policy.

Murad Ali presents Responding to Federal EEOC Charges posted at The New Business World.

With the EEOC, the best defense is to stay ahead of the game with good management, procedures, and documentation. Waiting until a complaint is filed will likely prove to be very expensive.

CA presents The Atlantic Gateway Challenge for Atlantic Canada posted at IQI Strategic Management, Inc.

An interesting pitch for the development of the port of Halifax as an alternative hub to NY / NJ. There’s certainly potential advantages to reposition Canadian ports in the Atlantic trade.

On a minor side issue, the author notes: “is transforming Halifax to a global trade hub possible for a province that screwed-up the 2014 Commonwealth Games?” Given the fact that the games are 7 years away, it takes a special kind of moxie to screw that up. Unless, of course, Halifax screwed up by not getting the games in the first place, which would be a likely boon to the taxpayers.

Carter presents a satirical look at leisure and taxes in: More Equality: Conquering the Leisure Gap posted at Escape from Pianosa.

Darius presents How much worse can housing get? posted at Related to Mortgage.

Interesting post on the state of the housing market, making the important point that it’s not gloom and doom everywhere. Here in Akron, on the other hand, we’re in full gloom and doom mode over the local real estate market.


“Preston City Council's Ribble barrage scheme is neither environmentally nor economically justifiable, is an outrageous waste of resources, and will be detrimental to our environment, to the economic viability of all Ribbleside communities, and to the Internationally-significant River Ribble. ”

Government directed economic development at work. That is to say, the economic development is directed to politically connected developers.

Greenearth presents A New Green Earth » Blog Archive » Business & Water in SE Queensland posted at A New Green Earth.

Given the water use restrictions discussed here, it’s not going to be very green in Queensland.

THE LAUNDRY CAPITALIST presents Despicable Judge Sues Dry Cleaner for $65 Million posted at THE LAUNDRY CAPITALIST.

Here’s a link to the article on ABC News. Assuming that ABC News is accurately portraying the story, and this isn’t a hoax, then Roy Pearson should have to pay compensation. But I guess that you really can’t have someone put in the stocks for being an inconsiderate greedy buffoon. But Judge Roy Pearson should really worry that google searches on Judge Roy Pearson will show up with posts about how he’s the new poster boy for the inconsiderate greedy buffoon club.

Abdulla Yasir presents Maldives faces macrostate emulation syndrome! posted at Abdulla Yasir's Blog.

Macrostate emulation syndrome. Today’s winner for best blog title. Only one question: is macrostate emulation syndrome the same as ‘compassionate conservatism’?

Steven Silvers presents Memo to U.S. news media: Please remember to refer to the head of any government office as a Czar. posted at Scatterbox at

It does seem as though we suffer from Czar of the Week syndrome. Drug Czars, Homeland Security Czars, Education Czars, etc. Soon we’ll have to start using “Tsars” just to tell one set of Czars from the other…

As to why citizens of a free republic need so many Czars ordering their lives is another question.

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