Saturday, May 12, 2007

Congratulations to Nicholas Sarkozy

On winning the Presidential Election in France. Mr. Sarkozy has the media reputation of being a radical conservative, a sort of Margaret Thatcher for France. However, most of his social program could easily be described as a tad to the right of a moderate US Democrat.

France remains an ungovernable mess. Even the slightest hint that the French might actually have to work to grow their economy, or at least prevent it from sliding backwards, is met with howls of protest and riots.

On the foreign policy front, the best we can reasonably hope for is less officious meddling. This is probably Mr. Sarkozy’s easiest opportunity for a big win. All he has to do is be not as irrational as Jacques Chirac, and he’ll be perceived as a great friend of the Atlantic Alliance.

It’s sort of like the old joke:

Man #1: “Hey I just won the election!”
Man #2: “What did you win?”
Man #1: “A term as President of France.”
Man #2: “What happened to the loser?”
Man #1: “He got two terms.”