Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Breakthrough for Prince Harry

He’ll be allowed to go to Iraq. One of the great failures of the modern constitutional monarchy is that the ruling family isn’t allowed to do anything. Well, other than to follow the dubious example of HRH the Prince Charles.

The Prince evidently wants a military career, is well qualified, and desires to serve.

He should definitely go, and be given missions in accordance with his rank and experience. As that experience grows, he should be given more responsibility, the same as any other officer. This will involve unpleasant and dangerous missions.

But here you have a member of the royal family, acting like, well, a member of A Royal Family.

Such things are to be encouraged. Especially after “Mr Bean’s” wimpering about being taunted and having his IPOD taken, the British could use all of the examples of manly behavior they can get.

It’s terrible that any young man has to risk his life at war. But that’s the nature of the fallen world we live in. Her Majesty would do well to consider her grandson’s example for the nation.