Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bloomberg = Perot?

Well, without the charts, ears, or the burning desire to screw GHWB. Or for that matter, without any program beyond enlarging the Nanny State and saving America from trans-fats while rats run amok in restaurants. That’s when he’s not too busy attempting to restrict your civil rights.

I doubt that he’s really going to run, or to spend the billion to make a serious go of it. On the other hand, perhaps he needs an overpriced and underperforming “web campaign coordinator”.

Here at the BMD, we cannot be bought. However, both short and long-term leases are available.

Interesting to see what happens if he does – he’s a nominal Republican, but most of his social policies seem to be on the left side of left liberal, with a few nods toward moderation on economic issues. I suspect that a serious Bloomberg bid (and it will take most of the billion to convince people that he’s serious, which is not quite the same as convincing people to take him seriously) will likely push the Republicans more toward a social conservative candidate. Excluding John Edwards, the Democratic field is a pretty homogenized mixture of standard liberal issue politics. (the only difference with Edwards is that he’s honest enough to admit that it’s going to be expensive).

It’s going to take more than $1 billion to sell Mike Bloomberg to the American people. And having Chuck Hagel as a running mate won’t help.

A billion dollars for the biggest vanity plate of all time.