Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Anything the US can Do

The EU can do worse. Or not at all.

Submitted for your approval: the EU’s answer to GPS, the ‘Gallileo’ satellite navigation system.

Behind schedule, over budget, and only one satellite out of 30 planned has been launched.

You can probably plan on at least doubling the $4.9 billion invested, and adding at least 2-3 years beyond the new 2012 target date. And if this is a true start – from – stratch do over, the numbers will likely be worse.

Note: Wiki notes that the current GPS set up costs the US Government about $750 million per year to operate, including replacement satellites. Wouldn’t surprise me if the government spent more than the $4.9 billion to get the project completed.

But we got ours done. 20 years ago. Not ‘maybe by 2012’.