Monday, April 16, 2007

Those British Sailors

The fact no one has resigned or been sacked in the British Government over the incident with Iran is quite remarkable. You don’t often get to see this type of top to bottom incompetence and corruption.

1. The British Forces were operating under rules of engagement that apparently prohibited them from even using harsh language. Apparently, they were ordered to surrender without a fight.

2. The British commanders apparently failed to notice the approach of the Iranian speedboats and didn’t even attempt countermeasures. No attach choppers available? Seems like a curious lack in a war zone.

3. the captured sailors quickly volunteered for duty as Iranian propaganda puppets after a brief period of taunting and the theft of an Ipod. The fact that they are not facing charges for their behavior in captivity is going to prove a corrosive on the morale and ability of the British armed forces.

4. their dreams of cashing in via “Made for TV” movies and book deals have now been squashed. How, oh how will they cope?

And in all of this shameful behavior, not a trace of serious inquiry or desire to fix what went wrong. If nothing else, this only puts a big “kidnap me” sign on the backs of the rest of the Royal Navy.