Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Some Suggestions for the Summit County CSB Executive Director Search Committee:

Tough Going? Few Prospects? So far, the results of an expensive search firm have turned up little:

“The national search firm hired by the agency to find a new leader reported Tuesday that it has found few interested candidates in its first round of contacts.

Search committee chairman Dick Marsh told the CSB board that of 70 contacts made by the search firm, only two expressed

Marsh said the agency ‘wasn't giving up on Ohio' but would expand its search to Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana and New York.”

I can’t understand why no one wants to take a job in Akron, where they would be paid peanuts, attempt to manage an ungovernable, stifling bureaucracy, filled with mutinous employees, and face a hostile press and public. All of which have been generated by years of bungling, mismanagement, greed, and callousness.

Perhaps they need a catchy slogan to move the campaign forward. How about some of the following?

“Summit County CSB: How could it possibly get any worse?”
“Summit County CSB: The Union isn’t Always on Strike”
“Summit County CSB: You get the Union you deserve. Unfortunately, the people who deserved this union have long since bugged out”.
“Summit County CSB: No worse than Being Captain of the Titanic. (But he had a nicer uniform)”
“Summit County CSB: Hercules wasn’t so tough – he only had to clean out some stables.”

Or finally:

Summit County CSB: The perfect job for someone who doesn’t learn from other people’s experience”.