Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pelosi in Syria

When America’s Worst Ex-President Ever takes up your side, you know that you’ve made a blunder. Is there any anti-American dictator he hasn’t groveled to?

Generally speaking, Congressmen should stay out of the shuttle diplomacy (the Republican congressmen should have stayed home as well) limelight. I don’t think that these trips ever break any useful diplomatic ground, and usually provide the dictator with some footage to put on his local news, showing how even the Great Satan is sending emissaries to beg his indulgence.

Olmert is already denying giving special messages to Pelosi for the dictator Assad.

However, expecting Congressmen to behave with a shred of decorum where potential publicity is involved is simply asking too much.

The Washington Post has a nice editorial up on the issue. You can certainly argue about the administration’s diplomatic efforts in the Middle East and elsewhere, but this free lance stuff rarely works out.