Saturday, April 07, 2007

Mixed Nuts – Emily Cassidy

A new BMD feature. Examples of some of the wackos that either provide entertainment, or herald the end of civilization, as we know it.

That’s a pretty big range.

On the “Harbinger of Doom” side of the house, we present the curious case of Emily Cassidy. Ms. Cassidy offers up the perfect parody of the Oprahfied state of ‘civilization’. Michelle Malkin has more, and not surprisingly, the WCBSTV story is a bit of a whitewash of Ms. Cassidy and her ilk’s position.

Worried that the little ones might get a realistic glimpse of the world from a memorial, and understand that if men had not been willing to fight and die, we would all either be a) subjects of Her Majesty, or more likely, speaking German or Russian (at least those of us not consigned to death camps), she’s all a twitter.

“We're continuing to try to spread our message," Cassidy said. ‘The message is not against Danny Dietz, his family or the war. It's location, location and the audience that will view it.’”
The message of surrender, submission, of "if I grovel enough, they may not hurt me, never mind the cost to others".

Apparently the notion that her freedom to express the fact that she’s a complete moral nitwit depends on men like Danny Dietz is beyond her meager comprehension. Of course her position is against Danny Dietz. She seeks to erase the memory of his heroism, and what he did, and prevent children from learning from his sacrifice. To borrow the only language she’ll understand (assuming that understanding was possible), she seeks to ‘invaldidate’ his existence and sacrifice by denying that history portray him accurately, and what he was fighting for. Ms. Cassidy might as well put a burka on herself and daughters now.

It’s said that the difference between the civilized man and the barbarian is that the civilized man understands when to employ violence. If you are unable to understand the difference between the proper and improper application of violence, you shouldn’t comment to the press. One of the more important lessons that children need to learn is that sometimes, violence is appropriate. And they should be trained to be able to apply it in an appropriate fashion.

For America, wars always come as a result of our perceived weakness in the world. Instilling appreciation for the martial virtues in our children would go along way toward solving that problem.

My condolences to the Dietz family. Their son & husband was a genuine hero. His sacrifice should be honored. Men who do the dirty work of civilization and pay the ultimate sacrifice are never appreciated enough. And especially to Mrs. Dietz, who has to listen to the whining of these dwarfs, who would deprive our children of learning from a hero’s example.