Monday, April 23, 2007

Mixed Nuts – Betty Trachtenberg

For real horsepower in the stupidity race, you have to go to the Ivies. Submitted for your approval – Dean Betty Trachtenberg, a woman so dense that she belives that Yale theatre-goers will confuse fake swords for real automatic weapons.

Unfortunately, she falls short of the Sheryl Crow standard.

Nice try, Betty. How’s it feel to be completely outclassed in the brain fart sweepstakes by Sheryl Crow? If you were really concerned, you would have banned costumes and props as well, and insisted that each actor carry one square of toilet paper as both prop and costume. And the audience as well.

Update (25 April 2007): She’s in a hole, but still has a shovel, and keeps digging by attacking her critics:

“’I think people should start thinking about other people rather than trying to feel sorry for themselves and thinking that the administration is trying to thwart their creativity,’ Trachtenberg said. ‘They're not using their own intelligence. … We have to think of the people who might be affected by seeing real-life weapons.’”

If the Yale theatre-going crowd is going to suffer the vapors by a stage production that includes plastic or wooden swords or guns, it certainly doesn’t say much about the intelligence or sophistication of the attendees, now does it?