Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Missile Defense and the Russians

Still grumpy. It’s interesting to note the vociferous opposition to placing 10 interceptor missiles in central Europe. Clearly, these wouldn’t be enough to withstand a major Russian ICBM strike, so what’s the deal? The strategic balance remains relatively unaffected.

However, such programs do serve to cement former soviet colonies like Poland and the Czech Republic in the western orbit.

The overall design of the program appears to provide a fairly modest defense against a small scale missile attack from local members of the axis of evil. Are the Russians saying that no one should be able to defend themselves from some unhinged Iranian with nukes?

Interesting comment from General Baluyevksy:

“'If we see that the facilities pose a threat to Russia's security, the facilities will be objects for plans of our forces. Whether strategic, nuclear or otherwise - that's a technical question,’ said Gen. Yuri Baluyevksy. His comments were among the harshest in months of Russian criticism of the American plans.”

Not sure if he is actually proposing preemptive strikes, or merely stating the obvious that if war between Russia and NATO breaks out, military facilities will be targets.

The Russian position may well be driven by the need to regain some world wide relevance as a military power.