Friday, April 13, 2007

Media Nifongery Continues

With this Terry Moran piece. Boiled down to the essentials, Mr. Moran is grumbling over the collapse of the too-good-to-fact-check story, and is reduced to pointing out that the team held a party with strippers. And may have used bad language.

In his ‘they must be guilty of something’ screed, he also notes that Colin Flannery was charged with assault in 2005. I’m assuming that he was never found guilty, or Mr. Moran would be anxious to mention it.

So, the lacrosse team had a party, complete with drinking and strippers. Not very smart. Many of these kids may not be nice people, and certainly acted in as immature college kids.

That sounds like it’s worth a year’s worth of struggle, being held up as a rapist on national TV, and millions of dollars in legal fees.

Lesson: any event featuring alcohol, “sex workers”, or “gentlemen’s clubs” is a bomb with a very short fuse.

An interesting byline here is the media spotlight. The MSM and Duke faculty were certain that this was a “rich white kids rape poor black girl” plotline, and incessantly beat the drum for ratings purposes (MSM) or increased courses in political correctness and control over the university (Duke faculty).

This generated interest in the questions we weren’t supposed to ask – whether or not the charges were true. They weren’t but the theme of “they’re rich white kids, they must be guilty of something” still has usefulness for both the MSM and faculty.

And the comparison to what happened to the Rutger’s Women’s Basketball team? How lame is that? The Rutgers women were publicly insulted by a man who specializes in such things (well, did specialize in such things). This was certainly embarrassing and humiliating for these women who worked very hard to accomplish something that most sports fans only dream about.

But they didn’t incur millions of dollars in legal fees, or find themselves accused of criminal activities, or have those accusations and their faces plastered across the national media.

With out the scrutiny, it’s sad to say that the case would have gotten only a blip on the publicity screen, and Nifong might well have gotten away with railroading these kids to further his own career. At least it’s likely that Nifong won’t be in a position to abuse the system for his own advancement.

And even Nifong has apologized. I’m not sure that this will be a case of better late than never.

Update: NRO’s John Podhoretz provides a pretty complete skewering of Mr. Moran:

“Second, that they are well-heeled and well-connected is of no moment when we are talking about what happened to them, which was a kind of reverse-racist hate crime. We all know why Durham D.A. pursued their prosecution based on no credible evidence. He did so because they were white and affluent, and he either believed he was doing something brave or that he needed their scalps to guarantee his reelection.

The amount of money their parents may or may not have had does not mitigate the Kafka nightmare to which they were consigned. Indeed, America should be grateful their families had the resources to pursue their exoneration, as the process revealed that a the criminal-justice system in a city of 275,000 people was being run by a conscienceless sociopath. His certain prosecution and probable conviction on ethics and perjury charges will remove Mike Nifong from office and spare untold numbers of others who might be subject to his prosecutorial whim.

Including poor people. Including African-Americans.”

And finally:

"Maybe Terry Moran should get someone to plagiarize his blog items, the way Katie Couric did. They'd be a whole lot better."