Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Impeachment Fever Swamps

Are rising over at The Nation. Fever is certainly an apt metaphor, though delirium might be closer to the truth.

The main thing keeping this going (outside of Bush Derangement Syndrome) is the Administration’s inability to make it’s case effectively.

In the larger world, Congress is not going to pick this up. To do so would be to open an endless comparison of Clinton / Gore administration statements on Iraq, as well as revisiting all of the statements put out by Democratic Senators and Congressmen. Let alone a review of the findings of the world’s major intelligence agencies on Iraq, as well as Saddam’s non-compliance with WMD inspections.

Just too many mines for the Democrats to navigate. The flip side of the arugment that GWB lied to get us into war is that the Democrats who voted for the war are too gullible to be allowed to retain office.

As I’ve said before, for the BDS crowd, you have to pick: You can have Bush, Cheney, and Rove as evil masterminds, who engineered 9/11, persuaded the world’s intel agencies that Saddam had WMD (years before coming to power), lied to start a war for oil, and is busy imposing a police state on America and the World.

Or you can have the Bush, Cheney, Rove incompetent bunglers.

You can’t have both.