Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Global Warming Causes

More intense hurricanes! Except when it doesn’t! Or maybe when it's convienient to say so!

Seems like just about every blip on the weather radar is casued by global warming. Mild December? Global Warming. Cold April? Global Warming. Ice caps melting on Mars? Man-made Global Warming.

This leads to three conclusions:

1. Nobody really has any clue about what may or may not be driving climate change, the expected severity, or even how much is attributable to what source.

2. Any theory that explains everything doesn’t explain anything. If your theory can’t be contradicted, it’s not really at theory that has any value.

3. Regardless of the state of the science, most of the hysteria is driven by politicians who want to centralize and extend their hold on power, and business men who want to cash in on government contracts and resale of carbon rations.