Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Elections in France, Round 1:

It’s down to Sarkozy v. Royal. The not-as-socialist v the socialist. Perhaps not quite fair to Sarkozy, as his public statements are certainly more in tune with reality than you usually see in French politicians. Sarkozy has a reputation as slightly less of an americaphobe than most EU politicians, makes some noises about free markets, incentives for work, etc. In either event, I wouldn’t expect major changes in France.

Unfortunately, do anything to threaten the rights of Frenchmen to their 5 week vacations and 35 hour workweeks, essential lifetime job security, and early retirements, and there will be rioting in the streets. Well, more rioting, anyway.

Between the general demographic decline and economic arteriosclerosis, France may likely prove intractable.